[SDL] Development of a sound library

Atrix Wolfe Atrix2 at cox.net
Wed Jul 31 21:38:00 PDT 2002

This is kinda off topic but back in my pre-sdl directx days i was trying to
make a program called Sound Brush that would take a scripting language that
could create vars and evalutate math that eventualy would be some form of
y=f(t) where t was time so you could basicly mathematicly describe sound.
Do you think this kind of tool is something sound related people would think
was cool or useful?  Im askin cause you seem to know alot about
sound...especialy after seein that pic of your workstation heheh.

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> I'm currently working on a sound library that complements SDL's
> functionality. Think of it as a virtual studio, quite different from
> anything that's there.
> Overall, it has:
> * Mixing of all channels
> * Volume gain/attentuation
> * Endless amount of channels (limited by CPU and memory)
> * 16 Bit only
> * Handles endian/sign/sample rate issues
> * Adjustable sample rate
> On a per channel basis, it has:
> * Stereo 16 bit audio per channel
> * Pitch shifting
> * Balance/panning
> * Delay
> * Mute
> * Plugin architecture - plug in whatever sound generation you'd like
>   and connect it to a channel
> * Mute groups - attach several plugins to a channel - only one plays, but
>   will cut off one and start playing another without annoying clicks/pops
> * Process plugin per channel, allowing chainable custom processing on each
>   channel (processing, such as gating/compression need to be written!)
> * Fade in/out
> * Mute will smoothly silence a channel and not make it click/pop
> So far my list of plugins include:
> * Ogg/Vorbis/Wav streaming (sample rate conversion)
> * In memory waveform playback (sample rate conversion)
> * Explosion generator/synthesizer
> The mixing accumulators are all 32 bit. Mix as many channels as you like.
> It'll only spend CPU power mixing them if they're actually making sound.
> I do plan on releasing this as a sidecar to SDL sometime in the coming
> months once it's completely written, debugged, and presentable.
> I was wondering if anyone had any requests for the basic mixer
> capabilities that would be useful to gaming. I think I have it covered,
> and what isn't covered can easily be written by end users to plug in.
> I've tried to duplicate a lot of my Yamaha 02r's mixer's capabilities:
> http://www.synthcom.com/~nb/Studio3.jpg
> since all of the mixer's features seem to be extremely useful for games.
> One could also create a virtual studio akin to Reason with this fairly
> easily. I am missing bus/effects sends, but those could be added in the
> future. It also looks to be a complement to SDL_audio as well, with a
> slight bit of overlap.
> Thoughts?
> -->Neil
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