[SDL] Examples for SDL_sound

Robert Wohleb rwohleb at r2tech.com
Wed Jul 31 15:36:00 PDT 2002

In this discussion on space no one specified if they are tyring to limit
post-install space or pre-install space. I've seen warez coders ship sound
files in MP3 form and then convert to the appropriate format at install
time. Depending on when you need small file space, this discussion can vary.


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> > sound effects. Why not convert them to wave via the Ogg/Vorbis library
> > just use the standard SDL routines for audio?
> Coz it takes more space and I'm trying to keep my game as tiny as
> possible...

I wonder what would take more space - the addition of SDL_sound and
associated buffers or your sound effects being converted to raw form. ;-)


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