[SDL] SDL_ttf bug with the letter j

Eric Wing ewing2121 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 31 11:43:01 PDT 2002

The screenshots were right from the official demos
that come with the SDL_ttf library. I didn't modify
them in anyway. My impression is that the problem in
in the library itself because the library creates and
returns the SDL_Surface.

So far I have been unable to create similar effects
with other letters (and type settings). It seems to be
restricted to the letter j.


--- Kent Quirk <kent_quirk at cognitoy.com> wrote:
> If you look at your image closely, you'll realize
> that the artifact is
> the left few pixels of the j, cut off and one line
> higher.
> Apparently, when it's at the front of the string,
> the x coordinate of
> the pixels is going negative and wrapping to the
> right side one line
> higher.
> I have no idea WHY this is happening, as I don't use
> SDL_ttf. It could
> be your code, it could be code in the library. Does
> SDL_ttf specify
> the draw routines, or do you? If you do, then it
> could easily be your
> code dealing improperly with negative coordinates.
> You might look for similar behavior in uppercase V,
> lowercase y, and
> italic fonts.
>      Kent

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