[SDL] SDL_BlitSurface and getpixel(): Windows Vs Linux

George clairv at mailbox.gr
Tue Jul 30 18:35:08 PDT 2002

> > I'm no expert w/ SDL, but I think I can partially answer this. I assume
> > that with Mandrake your getpixel test is accessing pixels on a software
> > surface, and your Windows XP getpixel test is accessing pixels on a
> > hardware surface, that would explain the differences in those times.
> > Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Is that what's going on? Do you have
> > software surfaces in Mandrake and hardware surfaces in Windows XP?
> > Because as far as I understand it, accessing pixels, like a getpixel
> > test would do, is much quicker to a software surface than to a hardware
> > surface, since it has to go through the PCI/AGI bus. Right?
> Yep, that's correct.
> See ya,
> 	-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

Does this mean that every surface I create under linux is Software 
Accelarated? If so, that explains all my test results, however it is not
very encouraging... 
Is this a problem with the nvidia drivers? Is there any way to get
Hardware Accelaration for the Surfaces of the 2D game I'm creating?

Thanks for all the answers so far :)

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