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Robert Wohleb rwohleb at r2tech.com
Tue Jul 30 09:36:00 PDT 2002

As all geeks do, I like gears. I thought using one in this scenario would be
ok. However, I haven't generated a good looking gear yet. Hopefully, tonight
I will have some more samples with gears, etc.

As for the text being on the logo, I usually prefer not to. Some of the best
logos either make the text the actualy logo, or leave them separate. Another
reason to leave the text off to the side in this design is scalability. This
design scales because the overall shape is very recognizable at all sizes. A
lot of the detail is lost in a small size, but that is secondary. The text
would only clutter the design when small, and couldn't really be read


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For me this is the best idea so far as it represents the layer aspect 
best. Though I would have the words ( SDL etc ) as part of the actual 
Icon rather than appear to the right and the use of hexagons removes 
itself from the simple idea.

If you mixed this concept with either the gears or primitives concepts 
It would be interesting to see how it looks and feels.
If you went for the gears aspect you could have an MNG version that 
showed the gears animating underneath the SDL transparent parts.

Anyway something like this gets my vote.


Robert Wohleb wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here is a logo idea to take a look at. I've made a B/W and color version 
> in 3 sizes.
> http://www.techsanctuary.com/sdl/
> ~Rob

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