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Dominique Louis Dominique at SavageSoftware.com.au
Tue Jul 30 03:01:02 PDT 2002

<disclaimer>Let me first say that I have no artistic talent whatsoever, 
so excuse the  crappy nature of the attached image.</disclaimer>

Taking the simplicity idea further, here is a quick example I put 
together using my trusty mouse and the vector drawing options in Paint 
Shop Pro. Obviously the proportions need to be worked on a bit, but I 
think the idea of things fitting togther in a simple manner ( Maybe a 
jigsaw type thing ) and also with the D having a slight 3D effect ( 
which needs improving ), it may work.

Anyway it is thown in to the pool of ideas, to either inspire or to be 
thrown out.


Dominique Louis wrote:
> For me this is the best idea so far as it represents the layer aspect 
> best. Though I would have the words ( SDL etc ) as part of the actual 
> Icon rather than appear to the right and the use of hexagons removes 
> itself from the simple idea.
> If you mixed this concept with either the gears or primitives concepts 
> It would be interesting to see how it looks and feels.
> If you went for the gears aspect you could have an MNG version that 
> showed the gears animating underneath the SDL transparent parts.
> Anyway something like this gets my vote.
> Dominique.
> Robert Wohleb wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Here is a logo idea to take a look at. I've made a B/W and color 
>> version in 3 sizes.
>> http://www.techsanctuary.com/sdl/
>> ~Rob
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