[SDL] Re: An SDL Logo concept to start (was Re: SDL Logo)

Eron Hennessey eronh at nanoknight.com
Tue Jul 30 01:39:01 PDT 2002

On Mon, 29 Jul 2002 23:42:03 -0400
"Victor Chow" <elder_mmhs at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I read digest #461 and I've cumulated ideas, comments, suggestions, 
> criticisms, et al. into this next design.  The base roots are still from my 
> initial design, but otherwise it is a different style.  I feel what we are 
> doing in this discussion is a great feedback loop.  Hopefully no one is 
> "offended" if they see some of their ideas integrated into this incarnation. 
>   I might be making this particular one, but even on this second pass it's 
> obviously a collaborative group effort.  In the end, we probably all want 
> something nice, clean and versatile that reflects the entire SDL development 
> community.

Hm, I personally liked your first set of Logos better than this one.  This one's even more "busy" than the last one, and lacks any sort of interesting or distinctive graphic that represents SDL.

Again, I'd say "simplify".  Good logos are usually very simple and very distinctive.

Here's another example of a very distintive and simple logo:


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