[SDL] Re: An SDL Logo concept to start (was Re: SDL Logo)

Victor Chow elder_mmhs at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 29 20:44:01 PDT 2002

I read digest #461 and I've cumulated ideas, comments, suggestions, 
criticisms, et al. into this next design.  The base roots are still from my 
initial design, but otherwise it is a different style.  I feel what we are 
doing in this discussion is a great feedback loop.  Hopefully no one is 
"offended" if they see some of their ideas integrated into this incarnation. 
  I might be making this particular one, but even on this second pass it's 
obviously a collaborative group effort.  In the end, we probably all want 
something nice, clean and versatile that reflects the entire SDL development 

Apologies for the 313KB size.  I included a 144-dpi bitmap concept plus the 
usual vector stuff.

If you're interested in the artsy/design elements packed in, feel free to 
check out the text file URL below the PDF.

Specific responses:

Romi Kuntsman: I took most of your notes into consideration. :)

Joseph Carter: Great idea w/ the primitives, and it's been implemented.  
Also, notice the full text font. ;)

Samuel Hart: While I can't verify the over-use of gears, I can see it 
happening.  I tossed out the gear concept but if you check my latest one 
closely you might still spot one. ;)

Patrick McFarland: I would have liked some more constructive feedback, but 
to each his own.  Actually, one of my original intents was to encourage 
people to come up with ideas -- even if it was through disapproval of 
any/all designs that cropped up.  Make one! :)


http://members.rogers.com/victorchow/temp/sdl-full-r1a.pdf (313KB)
http://members.rogers.com/victorchow/temp/sdl-r1a-analysis.txt (~1KB)

-Victor Chow (eLDeR_MMHS)

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