[SDL] sdl_ttf font sizes

Clemens Kirchgatterer clemens at thf.ath.cx
Mon Jul 29 15:27:01 PDT 2002

Chris Thielen <chris at luethy.net> wrote:

> in sdl_ttf, is there a way to change the font size used when rendering
> surfaces _after_ the lib as been initialized? my glance at the header
> file didnt reveal a function to do so, but if sdl_ttf is a wrapper
> around freetype, i would hope freetype would have a simple function to
> change font sizes.

i don't think, this is possible. if i had written sdl_ttf, i would
render the font to a bitmap cache, when loading the font, and do a
simple blitt of the single characters, when needed. i guess it is done
this way.

regards ...

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