[SDL] Suggestion: Looping Audio

Dinand Vanvelzen vanvelzen at skynet.be
Mon Jul 29 01:06:01 PDT 2002

Olaf Beckman wrote:

> I would like to suggest a looping audio feature in the audio part of the
> library of both libsdl and sdl_sound. Often, a music piece will consist of
> two parts, an intro plus a part which is endlessly repeated. It would be
> great if both the .WAV and MIDI file types could be looped such that the
> intro part plays, then the main part which is looped endlessly. The
> SDL_PauseAudio would then look something like
> void SDL_PauseAudio(int pause_on, int repeat_start);
> Olaf

i agree, it will make background music easyer to implement

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