[SDL] Problem trying to render alpha-blended sprite

Krata krata at matfyz.cz
Mon Jul 29 00:56:00 PDT 2002

On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, Kylotan wrote:

> I am having trouble getting an alpha-blended surface to be correctly
> blended as well as set to the correct format. I have an opaque surface
> (playerGraphic) and then I copy that surface to get a 50% opacity
> version (playerGraphicTrans), so that I can swap between the two during
> the game's execution.
> Here's the code I use for the first surface:
> SDL_SetColorKey(playerGraphic, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY | SDL_RLEACCEL, 0);
> playerGraphic = SDL_DisplayFormat(playerGraphic);
> This works fine. Below that is the code for the 2nd surface:
> playerGraphicTrans =  SDL_ConvertSurface(playerGraphic,
>     playerGraphic->format, playerGraphic->flags);
> SDL_SetAlpha(playerGraphicTrans, SDL_SRCALPHA|SDL_RLEACCEL, 128);
> This works perfectly, except that the first time I try to blit from
> playerGraphicTrans, there is a small but very noticeable delay, which I
> believe is the on-the-fly format conversion for that surface. So I've
> been trying to work around that without any success. If I add this after
> the last 2 lines:

i am not sure but it is because RLE "compresion" correct me if i am wrong

> playerGraphicTrans = SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha(playerGraphicTrans);
> The alpha-blending disappears completely. It looks like the
> DisplayFormatAlpha makes good on the "the generated surface will then be
> transparent (alpha=0) where the pixels match the colourkey, and opaque
> (alpha=255) elsewhere" promise, killing any 128-level alpha. No good.
> Adding SDL_SetAlpha(playerGraphicTrans, SDL_SRCALPHA|SDL_RLEACCEL, 128);
> after those last 3 lines of code has no effect either.

Hm SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha works litlle bit different then you expect. If 
you call it this way you will have memory leak. SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha 
copies surface to another. 
And it doesn't work because it is copied using alpha channel. Try to 
disable SDL_SRCALPHA before SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha. 
Again maybe i am wrong. But this is what i read out from sources quite 
long time ago. 

> Is there no way of getting it to the correct format without a blit
> first? Do I need to do some sort of false blit just to get it to set
> things up? I'm running Win98, with a Geforce 2 MX 200, for what
> difference it makes, but I expect this is to do with my understanding of
> the API rather than the implementation. (Also, I know the above code
> leaks memory - I removed various calls to SDL_FreeSurface that are in
> the 'real' version to simplify the examples above.)

ah it explains the memory leak :) If you want to do this not blit it first 
i suggest you would like to look at sources. IMHO SDL sources are 

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