[SDL] Bitmap Colisions function !

Krata krata at matfyz.cz
Mon Jul 29 00:47:00 PDT 2002

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, Rafael S. wrote:

> Well partners, I am a newbie here. I enjoy SDL a lot. And I am getting start with it now, but I have already good concepts in C/C++ and Allegro (before SDL I programed with it) and in SDL too (I read a lot of tutorials), so I am not having too much problems. I just want to ask you: Is there any done function for check colision among bitmaps in a game ? Which one ? Let's suppose I have graphics in 8 bpps. Do the number of bits per pixel by any chance changes anything ? Or there's a bitmaps colision function for all ways ...; please help me !?
> Thank you.

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