[SDL] An SDL Logo concept to start (was Re: SDL Logo)

Loren Osborn linux_dr at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 28 23:44:01 PDT 2002

--- Joseph Carter <knghtbrd at bluecherry.net> wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 28, 2002 at 01:53:33PM -0700, Loren
> Osborn wrote:
> > Similarly this logo attempt is very much not
> final,
> > but it is designed for print as well as screen...
> > 
> > http://icculus.org/~loren/SDL_logo/
> > 
> > Comments welcome
> Hope you don't mind some criticism.

No problem...

>                                      Firstly, there
> are far too many
> colors in your logo.  If someone was going to print
> it in white on black
> or black on white, it won't come out very well at
> all.

Quite honestly, this is the reason I chose to have a
seperate black&white vs. color version of the logo.  I
felt that having Red Green and Blue were important as
so much of SDL deal with video which is represented as
 composites of these colors.  While I didn't feel
either the purple or the sky-blue background were
specifically necessary, I felt they complemented the
RGB theme well...

>       Secondly, the
> version with just the letters is hard to identify as
> being SDL and not SLD
> as Bill noted.

Agreed... I haven't played with moving the word
"Simple" yet, but I think it will solve this problem. 
As I provided the .xcf file, I welcome anyone
interested to play with this.

>                 Third, the horizontal bars, while
> clearly intentional
> looking at the greyscale images, don't look very
> good in the color ones.

Hmm... I did look at it both with and without the
horizontal bars and thought the geometric shapes
looked too plain without them... I left them in for
primarily two reasons.

1) I wanted them visable to proivide some degree of
continuity between the color and the black&white
versions of the images
2) I thought (as they are 18% opaque) they provided a
subtle and interesting texture to the otherwise simple
boring geometric shapes.  (i.e. like the AT&T logo)

> Using primitive shapes is a very good idea for
> something like SDL though.

Thanks... Bare in mind I am by no means an a real
artist... I just threw this togeather as a concept and
 was hoping to hear some feedback... I don't have much
time to work on this, so I encourage anyone to play
with the .xcf I created, or just play with the concept
in general...  

One thing I *WOULD* like to see with this logo is to
see the lettes S,D, and L cast shadows onto their
respective shapes that do not make the shapes look
flat... (While I have faked effects like this before, 
I believe the effect would be much more profound if
done correctly in a 3D modeling program.)

As I mentioned above, my schedule is very limiting at
the moment.  If anyone wants to take this concept and
run with it, please do!



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