[SDL] An SDL Logo concept to start (was Re: SDL Logo)

Romi Kuntsman romik12345 at lycos.co.uk
Sun Jul 28 13:59:01 PDT 2002

At last someone!! :)))

A few notes: (any comments on those notes are of course welcome)
- Gears are nice, but I'm not sure that gears alone could represent SDL.
- I don't think that the version (1.2.4) should be that emphasized, if 
at all.
- I think there should be something that could be extended into 3D. Of 
course those gears could be extruded, but IMHO, objects that actually 
have a 3D shape are much cooler.
- Gears can be much more than just that... see examples: 

Keep those ideas coming! ;)

Just got an idea:
SDL is meant to simplify things, right? So much that you don't need to 
handle those inside stuff, which gears represent. If we take the idea of 
Gears, maybe SDL should not be represented by them, but instead the 
letters "SDL" will be over the gears (or something like that) - i.e. you 
know there are gears, but you only need to handle the much simpler SDL 
instead of those complex gears...


Victor Chow wrote:

> Hi,
> My first post on the mailing list -- hopefully this will work properly.
> It seems like several people want a revamped, standardized logo but we 
> mainly need ideas to juggle around and reach agreement.  The PDF URL 
> below is a concept that I came up with last night after reading about 
> the gears/machinery idea.  It is *by no means final* and I'd actually 
> like to see it beat around, used as a base to form other concepts, 
> etc.  Just to get the wheels turning.
> http://members.rogers.com/victorchow/temp/sdl-full.pdf (62KB)
> I'm a newbie to SDL but my main purpose is to use it as a nice, simple 
> framework for my self-teaching OpenGL projects.
> -Victor Chow (eLDeR_MMHS)

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