[SDL] Re: [4] [SDL] New project

Dinand Vanvelzen vanvelzen at skynet.be
Sat Jul 27 13:16:00 PDT 2002

kevin at ank.com wrote:

>> i don't have a decent messanger yet,.. i used trillian on win32.. got any
>> suggestions ?
> Your MMG uses an IM network for gameplay?  As I see it you have a
> couple of options.  If you want to, then people can build up their
> own network on the fly, or as infrastructure using either Jabber
> or IRC.
> Alternatively you can grab the protocol plugins from something like
> GAIM (gaim.sourceforge.net), or one of the other open source Linux
> IM clients.  That said you may have problems with licensing if you
> want to stick with your freeware idea, since most of those are GPL'd
> and GPL source code doesn't mix with proprietary code other than
> operating systems.
> Cheers,
> -kls

I was talking about a combined IM for Linux similar to trillian, not as part 
of the game. altough it might be of intrest to note that i plan on 
programming a seperate chat server ( without the user noticing it ) because 
comunication between players is vital and is the bulk of the traffic, and a 
lot of chatting during a battle might cause lag which you want to avoid at 
such a point.

But tnx for the ideas


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