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Though we could concern ourselves with having a standard cut scene for the
logo, I think this is best left to the developers. More importantly, we
should concern ourselves with developing a logo and is clear and concise.
This means it shouldn't have gradients or complicated designs. For example,
see the NVidia logo. They often use a gradient in their logo, but it is only
used as a texture. The logo looks great even in two or three colors.


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On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 15:09, Romi Kuntsman wrote:
> Loren Osborn wrote:
> >I thought Karl Bartel won the SDL logo contest with
> >this image
> > back in
> >late 1998... no?
> >
> >-Loren
> >  
> >
> I didn't know about that...
> But maybe now, four years later, there should be a second SDL Logo
> RK.

I do like the logo, but I'm forced to agree.  I've occationally wondered
what logo should be used myself.  The contest winner as it is isn't
suitable as the compression degredation can be seen, and even if the
original is still around to be found it would be much better if a brief
animation could be used instead.

Something akin to the Blizzard [north] logos.  Just 3 to 5 seconds,
professional looking, clean and simple.

Does anyone here have any experience doing cuts like that?

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End of Rant.

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