[SDL] compilation under FreeBSD fails

Robert Altschaffel rob.alt at gmx.de
Fri Jul 26 03:10:59 PDT 2002


I've encoutered problems with SDL 1.2. on FreeBSD/NetBSD some time ago.
The 'usbhid.h'-workarround works quite well on FreeBSD prior 4.6.
The workaround ryan gave for 4.6 is absolutely correct.
I've also submitted this diff to Sam some time ago but since noone tested if the diffed version still runs under OpenBSD it wasn't included in the cvs.
Maybe if someone could test this under OpenBSD it could be added now ?.
It works quite well under FreeBSD 4.5/4.6 and NetBSD 1.52.
regards, robert.

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