[SDL] Re: resize surface

Thatcher Ulrich tulrich at tulrich.com
Thu Jul 25 21:29:01 PDT 2002

* Roger D. Vargas <roger at eht.scu.tur.cu>:
>  On Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Alexis wrote:
> > A very simple issue most of you may have an answer..  My program
> > loads an image from a file (let's say 'whatever.tga') on a surface
> > using sdl_image. This program is supposed to blit this surface
> > somewhere on another surface (the screen for instance).  My
> > problem is i've gotta scale the image's surface so that it keeps a
> > certain ratio. I guess there must be a way to resize this surface
> > but can't find any SDL call to perform this task, do i have to
> > implement something like this myself?
>  I think there are some libs that does that (maybe rotozoom?) and
>  also antialising.

If you do end up needing to roll your own, here is some public domain
source that does antialiased resizing (but not rotation):


It's a C++ version of Dale Schumacher's public domain K&R C code from
Graphics Gems III, which is also on the net in various places.

Thatcher Ulrich

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