[SDL] Commercial games and SDL

Joseph Carter knghtbrd at bluecherry.net
Thu Jul 25 13:58:01 PDT 2002

On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 01:50:13PM -0700, Neil Bradley wrote:
> I've been reading the licensing info on the use of SDL and intend on using
> it in an upcoming commerical game. I'm moderately confused by the
> licensing.

It's a GNU license - what'd you expect?  =)

> If I read things correctly, I need to include object files so
> the end user can relink the application with a different/newer version of
> SDL. But later it states that the most common way to be compliant is to
> dynamically link to SDL (ala .DLL in my case) and include the sources to
> SDL. Does this mean that if I have SDL as a separate .DLL and don't
> release objects/source code to my game that that would be compliant as
> well?

You need only link it dynamically.  Using SDL.DLL or equivalent mechanism
on other operating systems is sufficient to satisfy requirements of the
LGPL.  (I was confused about this for a long time, so I can understand why
others may be as well..)

> Including the sources to the version of SDL that I link with is a given.

As long as people can find them on your site or on the CD, that's all you
need to worry about.

> I also would like to promote SDL via a logo or something on the splash
> screen when the game starts. Is there an official logo I should use for
> this?

I do not know of any high-resolution logos useful for printing or splash
logos, however the one on the website may work as a base if your artists
don't mind scaling it.  They might have needed to touch it up a bit for
anti-aliasing purposes anyway.

> And I definitely will be donating to the SDL cause once the game ships.
> Thanks everyone!

Thanks, on behalf of all of us using SDL!  Sam largely pays for expenses
related to SDL out of his pockets.  While I'm sure he makes more than some
of us do, hosting and developing something as big as SDL is not trivial on
the pocketbook.

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