[SDL] SDL_UpdateRect

Atrix Wolfe Atrix2 at cox.net
Thu Jul 25 13:35:07 PDT 2002

you know im not quite sure about this one, but i know from a little bit of
windows (ewww) programming, when one window is partialy on top of another,
it wouldnt draw to the bottom window portion thats hidden and when it was
shown again it would invalidate that portion so that the next draw cycle it
would be updated even if there was nothing new to draw there.  I dont think
thats 100% accurate but thats the general gist and perhaps this function
serves a similar purpose...ie you might be able to use SDL_UpdateRect to
make a portion of the screen not updated at the next draw cycle (for unknown
reasons) etc....

Just a shot in the dark

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> I've read the documentation repeatedly and can't figure out what this
> function does. The docs say "Makes sure the given area is updated on the
> given screen. The rectangle must be confined within the screen boundaries
> (no clipping is done)."
> I'm able to blit from a memory surface to a display surface without
> calling this function. How does SDL_UpdateRect actually work, or how would
> it operate or be used when I'm using an in-system memory backbuffer and
> blitting deltas to a hardware surface?
> Thanks in advance!
> -->Neil
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