[SDL] Linking with Nvidia OpenGL libs (was RE: [SDL] NVIDIA & SDL_GL_SwapBuffers)

Stephen Anthony stephena at roadrunner.nf.net
Thu Jul 25 10:17:01 PDT 2002

On July 25, 2002 12:42 pm, Patrice Mandin wrote:

> Dans l'article <mailman.1027558445.21147.sdl at libsdl.org>, "Bart"
> <wyatbar at iit.edu> a tapoté avec ses petits doigts:
> > Ldd output does not list libGL (wish I had thought to look at that)
> > for the apps which fail to work.
> Speaking of ldd, when I build a program using OpenGL, ldd outputs
> libGL.so and libGLcore.so as linked to the program. I suppose that
> running a program linked this way will not work with Mesa or other
> OpenGL implementation.
> So, must I build my program against Mesa include and libs, and I will
> be sure it runs with NVidia OpenGL libs, or is there another way ?
> I am also thinking about the way it is done in Windows, where the
> OpenGL library is dynamically loaded. It may be nice to do it also in
> Linux, because esd and arts support can be built this way.

On my system, libGLcore.so is actually linked to libGL.so, so I assume if 
you use the Mesa libGL.so, then the requirement for libGLcore.so will 
disappear.  This is with the NVidia drivers.

I've run programs that were linked to libGL.so, both under Mesa and 
NVidias GL library.  No relinking was required.


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