[SDL] OT : Kylix 3 will include C++ Builder for Linux...

Loren Osborn linux_dr at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 24 23:43:00 PDT 2002

That reminds be... How do you play with pixels with
JEDI-SDL... I looked into it, and can't seem to get it
 to work... I've, of course, done plenty of SDL pixel
twiddling in C/C++...

Suggestions welcome...



P.S:  FWIW, my quams with the Kylix editor are
nit-picks... my real problems are with the debugger,
and lack of gdb-compatible symbols (so I can use my
debugger of choice...)

--- Jason Farmer <jason at cerebral-bicycle.co.uk> wrote:
> Well, I use K1 quite happily, Sure it's not as fast
> as Delphi5 as far as the 
> IDE goes, but it never holds me up when I'm coding.
> I've never had a problem 
> with the clipboard and as far as stability goes...
> Kylix is the most 
> forgiving IDE I've ever seen. After 2 seconds, you
> forget it's running under 
> Wine.
> I look forward to the native IDE when it arrives,
> but until that day I will 
> still use Kylix simply because it lets me use SDL
> (via the JEDI-SDL 
> libraries) and gives me all the coding features I
> need to write and debug my 
> programs.
> And on a side note, It's Pascal... :-D The best
> language I've ever used... and 
> I've used a few.
> I don't know what people are on about when it comes
> to Stability issues with 
> Kylix. I've never encountered any.
> Later
> Jason

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