[SDL] SDL 1.2.4/1.2.5 + Mac OS X

Holger Schemel holger.schemel at mediaways.net
Wed Jul 24 17:23:01 PDT 2002

Hi Darrell,

> > I have the following problems when compiling Rocks'n'Diamonds
> [...]
> You should be linking to Quicktime.framework, I think that will help.
> cc  main.o init.o config.o events.o tools.o screens.o game.o editor.o
> files.o tape.o cartoons.o network.o netserv.o  libgame/libgame.a
> -lSDL_image -lSDL_mixer
> -L/usr/local/lib -lSDLmain -lSDL -framework Cocoa -framework OpenGL
> -framework QuickTime -lm -o ../rocksndiamonds

That was exactly the cause. Now when I look at the error message again,
I think that I should have been able to solve it by myself. Adding the
missing "-framework QuickTime" did the job -- thanks a lot! :-)

> I *thought* this was added to sdl-config when the YUV acceleration code
> was added  a while back. Perhaps this change hasn't made it yet... Max?

The change found its way into the "sdl-config" script, but was then
commented out again. (Or, more precisely, the "-framework QuickTime"
is missing for the "--libs" option, but is there for the "--staticlibs"
option (where "--libs|--static-libs" is commented out, which would also
do the right job here).)

> I don't think sdl-config will detect the SDL_mixer QuickTime dependency,
> so with 1.2.2 you would have to add this. With 1.2.5 since SDL *itself*
> contains QuickTime calls now, sdl-config should have picked that up for
> you.

It hasn't. :-(
(At least not in the actual CVS snapshot tarball.)

This seems to be a small bug that should be fixed in the Mac OS X version
of "sdl-config", I think...

Thanks again for your help!

Best regards,
holger.schemel at mediaways.net

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