[SDL] NVIDIA & SDL_GL_SwapBuffers

Sami Näätänen sami.naatanen at kolumbus.fi
Wed Jul 24 05:53:01 PDT 2002

On Tuesday 23 July 2002 22:35, wyatbar at iit.edu wrote:
> System:
> RH7.3
> SDL1.2.4
> GeForce4Go (driver ver:1.0-2960)
> If I use the binary compiled before I installed the NVIDIA GLX & Kernel
> binary distributions (not sources), the program works fine and is
> accelerated or seg faults depending on the program.  If I use a binary
> compiled after NVIDIA i get garbage in the window.
> I've found in my apps that it seems there is a problem with
> SDL_GL_SwapBuffers in that I cant even write a program that simple clears
> the buffer then flips (I compiles but I get the same garbage in the
> window).
> I have tried putting glFlush() right before the call as per a list email
> a year ago, but it doesnt help.
> If it helps I get the same results with a GeForce3 ti500 on the same setup.
> Has anyone else experienced this?
> More importantly do you know of a work around?

I had the exact same problem, but don't know what exactly cause it, because I 
switched to Gentoo and in gentoo I do not have the problem.

I think I took the Nvidia includes in use and after that it didn't work, but I 
simply made my switch to Gentoo a litle bit earlier than I otherwise would 
and problem solved. :)

Try to uninstall the nvidia drivers and try if it works with the original nv 
driver and if it does then take the nvidia source rpm's and build your own 
rpms, and install from them. (take both kernel and glx sources)

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