[SDL] Re: why the sdl window is always top most in windows?

Pete Shinners pete at shinners.org
Tue Jul 23 08:31:01 PDT 2002

fu wrote:
> in smpeg0.4.4+SDL1.2,
> in some machine(windows2000),the play window is always on top most,when I
> minize the
> window, the show rect still is on topmost, It can't been covered with any
> other windows.
> Why?
>  I use
>    video_flags = SDL_SWSURFACE;
>    video_flags |= SDL_RESIZABLE;
>    video_flags |= SDL_ASYNCBLIT;
>    screen = SDL_SetVideoMode(w,h,video_bpp,video_flags);
> btw,I found that if the machine video ram<16M,the SDL window only show one
> movie, the other movie is black.

SDL is using your video card's "video overlay" planes. this is a special 
part of video card memory that lives in a different colorspace than the 
normal rgb desktop. this video overlay is always on top of anything else on 
the screen (sort of like how video cards usually draw the mouse in a 
separate overlay, so nothing can cover it)

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