[SDL] SDL 2.0 API reference

Romi Kuntsman romik12345 at lycos.co.uk
Mon Jul 22 16:09:01 PDT 2002

Sam Lantinga wrote:

>>Would it be possible to get a list of SDL 2.0 functions and datatypes (if
>>any new structs were introduced or something like that) on the website. This
>>would allow people to prepare for it's release without having to rely on the
>>CVS too much.
>Nope, it's still vapour. :)
>Seriously, as soon as there's anything concrete, I'll make an announcement.
>See ya!
>	-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

Still nothing, even in plans? Just the general idea?
Then how about a (special seperate) public discussion place (e.g. 
newsgroup etc.) about the SDL2 API specification -- like with the 
OpenGL2 (except there you have to be a big company in the business to 
participate, and here I hope not...)?


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