[SDL] Development of a sound library

Neil Bradley nb at synthcom.com
Wed Jul 31 21:25:01 PDT 2002

One of the JEDI-SDL members has the following question...

Any C code would be helpfull.

-------- Original Message --------
   I have an RGBA Surface created using IMG_Load (works great) NOW I 
create a NEW RGBA Surface using SDL_CreateRGBSurface (with all the 
parameters from the first Surface).
The problem is HOW do I copy the image WITH the A to the new created 
Surface ?
If I'll use SDL_BlitSurface I won't get the RGBA I'll get only RGB.

 >From the SDL:
       SDL_SRCALPHA set:
    alpha-blend (using the source alpha channel) the RGB values;
    leave destination alpha untouched. [Note: is this correct?]
    SDL_SRCCOLORKEY ignored.
       SDL_SRCALPHA not set:
    copy all of RGBA to the destination.
    if SDL_SRCCOLORKEY set, only copy the pixels matching the
    RGB values of the source colour key, ignoring alpha in the
(so for the Note, its correct :/ )

Please let me know,

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