[SDL] Re: [sdlsound] SDL_Sound or SDL_Mixer sound generation question...

Pawel Rozanski tokugawa at poczta.wp.pl
Sun Jul 21 17:59:01 PDT 2002

> >    Someone on the JEDI-SDL mailing list was asking how they could use
> > SDL_Mixer or SDL_Sound to create Commodore PET sounds. I am not much of
> > a sound person I thought I would ask here.
> Wow...this guy should be using the SDL audio callback directly.
> It might be interesting to have a sound file format that basically
> contains a list of instructions (bytes that say "play this tone at this
> pitch for n milliseconds"), but we don't have such a beast.
> Also, the BASIC code he listed uses poke (which writes to specific
> addresses in memory) to control the PET sound chip. What he would do on a
> modern OS is write those tones as PCM data instead (which is not very
> hard, it just involves more memory bandwidth than the PET version does).
> This PCM waveform is then fed to the sound card via the audio callback.
> --ryan.

Find an emualtor of Commodore with sources. Borrow sound code (if autors
allow you to do it). It has to generate the PCM wave (like ryan said).

I have an Atari XE (please no flame war.....:)
And I'm going to use sound code from atari800.sf.net, it's GPL so..
I suppose there will be no problem. 

There is a easy way too. Just launch an emulator and write sound to WAVs :)

Pawel Rozanski

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