[SDL] OpenGL in linux

Jacob L E Blain Christen jacob.blain.christen at entheal.com
Sun Jul 21 14:57:06 PDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-07-21 at 00:06, Michael Cowart wrote:
> Ok, I tried setting all of those attributes to 1
> (except GL_ALPHA), but now it segfaults every time, no
> matter the resolution.

try running glxinfo to have the system clue you into
what gl video modes it will support.  in the color bits-
per-pixel options if you specify something higher than your
system supports you will get the "Could't initialize GLX
visual" error (or whatever the text for it is).  something
else to keep in mind is that gl depth is something
very different from X depth (X depth equates to GL buffer

Jacob L E Blain Christen
Entheal LLC

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