[SDL] OpenGL in linux

William Robinson airbaggins at ntlworld.com
Sat Jul 20 00:53:01 PDT 2002

> I'm having a problem in using OpenGL with SDL in
> linux. When I call SDL_SetVideoMode with the
> SDL_OPENGL flag, SDL_GetError returns "Couldn't find
> matching GLX visual".
> This is probably a stupid error on my part, but I'm
> new at this =)
> I am running Mandrake 8.1 with SDL 1.2.4 on a GeForce
> 3 Ti 200 with the Nvidia driver.

if you haven't already done so, try and download the newest NVidia drivers from their website.


this is the current driver page and it contains detailed information on setting it up.

if you already have it all set up, though, try looking at appendix C of the README file that came with the NVidia-GLX package (for me it's at /usr/share/doc/packages/NVIDIA-1.0/README). it might just be that you are missing a symbolic link or something. 

hope this helps somewhat


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