Krata krata at matfyz.cz
Fri Jul 19 07:25:01 PDT 2002

On Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Michael Cowart wrote:

> Hi, I have a question about using SDL_OPENGLBLIT. I am
> writing a universal emulator front end, and I want to
> be able to enable opengl support if the emulator needs
> 3d. The problem I am having is that when I set the
> SDL_OPENGLBLIT flag when I am in a screen resolution
> of 800x600 or lower (windowed or fullscreen), part of
> the screen (the lower right corner) cannot be blitted
> to. It works fine if I don't have the flag set. Also,
> the lower the resolution is, the larger the affected
> area becomes proportionally (@ 800x600, it's a small
> bit at the corner, @320x240, it fills about half the
> window). It happens both on software and hardware
> surfaces.
> Is this a known behavior? I'm running win2k with SDL
> 1.2. I haven't tried compiling it in Linux yet, I'll
> see if that makes a difference.
Hi, i don't know if it is known behavior or not but i know for sure that 
SDL_OPENGLBLIT isn't the best thing under the sun. 
If you wan't to have your SDL app opengl accelerated then u should use 
glSDL (hack done by David Olofoson) http://olofson.net/mixed.html

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