[SDL] C++ Borland 6 Lib

Dinand Vanvelzen vanvelzen at skynet.be
Mon Jul 29 04:18:01 PDT 2002

Niels Wagenaar wrote:

> Then my feature. I think that some people might know the DOS version of
> CC64S
> emulator (I don't know if I wrote it correctly but it's a C64 emu) which had
> an in-emu
> configuration interface for gfx, sound and diskimage switching. I would like
> to implent
> such a "GUI" using SDL because of it's portability (Widget based gui's seems
> to harm
> portability in my opinion and gives system dependant GUI code in my
> projects).
> Do people know if projects/libraries exists with such an in-game/in-emu
> configuration
> interface and which makes use of SDL? Any links or examples are appreciated!
> Thanks in advance!
> With kind regards,
> Niels Wagenaar

I'm working on a gui for just this purpose, I have some widgets done and many test prgrams to try.
It's in active development and should be good enough to get started with, even if it isn't complete yet,
as I'm still adding more widget types...

But it is made to depend on you for the SDL event loops, and you control every aspect of the screen.
It also has OpenGL and plain SDL support (both using SDL of course), plus a nice flexible font system.

If you are interested grab http://jcatki.no-ip.org/files/JAI-1.0.0.tar.gz

(the version number is always 1.0.0 because I'm lazy, until the release is done, then I'll start incrementing)
(I'll anounce it here when it's officially done, but meanwhile, people can use it...)
read the included READMEs and TODO for what I am doing...also look at the jai_test*.c programs.

              -=<Long Island Man>=-
                    Jon Atkins

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