[SDL] Movable windows

Johannes Schmidt sdl at myrealbox.com
Mon Jul 15 04:25:00 PDT 2002

On Thursday 04 July 2002 03:43, draekko wrote:
> Question : Is there an easy way to move a window around that was created
> through SDL? For example when an app is windowed that it can
> remember and reset itself to the same screen location when launched.
> So far i have looked through the list archive from now back to january,
> tried google, and finally look through the source and found that
> SDL_VIDEO_CENTER environment var (which seems to only work for X11) sets
> up a window so that it centers on the screen. But thats not quite what i
> was hoping for :)
> I also tried hacking SDL to a movewindow function, but my XLib
> experience is very limited, in the end it didn't work out.
> Any insight, clues, sample apps, links to documentation would be
> appreciate.

Some time ago, this was listed in the faq but I can't find it anymore.

If you habe looked through the list archive, you might have found this 
posting about moving SDL windows under win32 and X11:

Johannes Schmidt

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