[SDL] How to Compile SDL under i586 Linux...

Johannes Schmidt sdl at myrealbox.com
Mon Jul 15 03:58:05 PDT 2002

On Saturday 13 July 2002 00:57, Dominique Louis wrote:
> I have all the demos ( SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_net, SDL_ttf and 
> even SDL_sound ) working under Linux, as they link directly with the 
> shared object, but I cannot for the life of me get the correct project 
> settings to get it to compile libSDL.so under Mandrake 8.1.

Which project settings? Do you use a specific IDE?
I am a bit uncertain what you want to do.

If you just want to compile libSDL yourself, use the common way:
make install

The configure script should set all conditional defines and save them in the 

Johannes Schmidt

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