[SDL] Win32/Linux SDL Differences

Steve Lupton SL at cre.co.uk
Mon Jul 15 03:54:01 PDT 2002


I had pretty much the same scenario here - an app working fine in Win32 but
Segfaults galore in Linux.

Rebuilding the app in debug mode and linking with electric fence (Debian
package is "efence") highlighted quite a few silly little problems.

It is - in fact - surprising that it ran on Win32 at all!


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> 	I've been developing an application in Linux for some time now and
> runs very well and very stable in Linux, but I get seemingly random
> crashes in the Win32 build. Are there any differences in the SDL
> implementation for Linux and for Win32 that would cause such a thing or
> am I incorrectly using SDL?

I've had similar problems, however it's the reverse. The win32 build works
perfectly, and Linux/MacOS faults. ;-( So far I have not been able to
prove this to be a problem of SDL, but rather of my code. So far it has
been because of lack of error checking when dealing with SDL. Double check
those errors! IIRC, There's a way to prevent SDL from trapping faults and
shutting down which might yield a backtrace that's useful.

And let's not talk about how bad it is going from DOS to any real OS. That
was a painful experience.


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