[SDL] SMPEG Select Audio Device

Steve Lupton SL at cre.co.uk
Fri Jul 26 08:38:00 PDT 2002

100 pixels per frame shouldn't be much of a problem...
also, if you aren't drawing the pixels in any specific
pattern, a putpixel is probably the best you could
do...  (You may be able to cache the color-lookup if
you're drawing alot of the same color pixel.)


--- Chris Thielen <chris at luethy.net> wrote:
> What's the best way to color a single pixel? I tried
> putpixel() but as
> I've heard from a lot of people now, it's slow and
> shouldn't be used. I
> draw about 100 pixels to an 800x600 display per
> frame in 16 bpp. What's
> the best way to draw a single pixel? Should I just
> use SDL_FillRect?
> (I'm basically looking for the fastest way to draw a
> pixel, as an
> alternative to putpixel.) Thanks.
> -- chris (chris at luethy.net)
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