[SDL] problems compiling VC6 project

Dimitri dimitri at shortcut.nl
Sun Jul 14 08:37:00 PDT 2002

At 03:36 PM 7/14/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi all, I'm having some problems compiling my first SDL project in VC6. I 
>created an empty Win32 project and wrote a simple program to set the video 
>mode, using OpenGL. For some reason, it failed to compile, giving me the 
>error messages:
>     msvcrt.lib(MSVCRT.dll) : error LNK2005: _exit already defined in 
> LIBCD.lib(crt0dat.obj)

It compiles fine but you have a linking problem.
Go to Project->Settings, Tab: "C/C++", Category: "Code Generation",
and make sure every project uses the same run-time library.
(Probably your empty Win32 project uses "Debug Single-Threaded" libraries
and SDL uses "Debug Multithreaded [DLL]".

>I compared the project settings with the VC test projects that come with 
>the SDL source (which compile fine) and I can't see any difference.

It's always a good idea to just copy makefiles and work from that.


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