[SDL] Win32/Linux SDL Differences

Chris Thielen chris at luethy.net
Fri Jul 12 15:15:01 PDT 2002

Well, yea, I'm guessing maybe I'm doing something wrong, as I know SDL
works great in Win32. My code is GPL and the Win32 version (msvc
workspace files and such) is at

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, as the Linux version runs great. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

-- chris (chris at luethy.net)

On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 15:44, Romi Kuntsman wrote:
> Chris Thielen wrote:
> >Hello,
> >	I've been developing an application in Linux for some time now and it
> >runs very well and very stable in Linux, but I get seemingly random
> >crashes in the Win32 build. Are there any differences in the SDL
> >implementation for Linux and for Win32 that would cause such a thing
> >
> Yes.
> It cantains:
>    " #include <windows.h> "
> Hehe... :)
> (but seriously, I'm using SDL on Windows and it works just fine, and 
> also use some programs written with SDL specifically for Linux, and they 
> work perfectly when compiled for windows...)
> >or am I incorrectly using SDL?
> >
> That could be answered if you'll say how are you using SDL...
> RK.
> >
> >Thanks ahead of time for any help.
> >
> >-- chris (chris at luethy.net)

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