[SDL] compilation under FreeBSD fails

Christoph Kukulies kuku at accms33.physik.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Jul 25 21:29:06 PDT 2002

There might be a difference in that you get HW surfaces in windows. If
you access the pixel data directly and forget to lock the surfaces
this leads to crashes and worse.. You can also lose HW surfaces (see
the return code of SDL_BlitSurface()) when you switch between windowed
and fullscreen mode for example.

Also windows (at least win 98) seems a bit more sensitive if you don't
process events correctly in SDL.
Another difference may be how the OS/libraries/compiler handle illegal
memory access. You can use the electric fence library on linux to
catch a lot of these errors, and is probably some equivalent tool on


> Hello,
> 	I've been developing an application in Linux for some time now and
> runs very well and very stable in Linux, but I get seemingly random
> crashes in the Win32 build. Are there any differences in the SDL
> implementation for Linux and for Win32 that would cause such a thing
> am I incorrectly using SDL?
> Thanks ahead of time for any help.
> -- chris (chris at luethy.net)

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