[SDL] Re: libSDL.org library listing categorization

Gaëtan de Menten ged at bugfactory.org
Fri Jul 12 06:03:01 PDT 2002

> > SDL_Rotzoom is obsolete. You should try SDL_gfx instead.

> I'm curious.  Any chance we can somehow denote the "obsolete"
> libraries on the SDL page?

I'm curious too... ;-) But shouldn't this obsolete library be removed from
the database? I mean, is there any use to keep obsolete libraries in the
database? It would be pretty much easy to add an obsolete field in the
database but I don't like it since its use is doubtfull to me and it would
result in a more cluttered display.

> It's also be super-keen if they could be categorized, somehow...
> (e.g., "C++ wrappers", "Font libraries," "Sprite Libraries,"
> "Sound libraries," and so forth...)
They are already... though the category isn't displayed, you can search in a
specific category. Maybe we should display it besides the license?


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