[SDL] Key event messages, blits, and dirty rectangles

Alexander Sabourenkov lxnt at caravan.ru
Thu Jul 11 23:51:01 PDT 2002


>>2) SDL_BlitSurface() Takes both a source and destination rectangle. This
>>would allude to the fact that blitting may do a stretch blit - this is a
>>feature I would like to have. However, if I increase the size of the
>>destination rectangle, say, to 2X on both axes from the source rectangle,
>>just the original size gets blitted to the destination. Is a stetch blit
>>possible at all with SDL?
> As far as I know, there is no such thing in SDL.
> All the rectangles do is specifying which part of the surface gets
> blitted.
> SDL is the Simpel DirectMedia Layer. If you want strech blit you'll have
> to write it yourself. There aren't even any graphics primitives in
> standard SDL.

SDL_Rotozoom may help. Look it up on the libraries page at libsdl.org.


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