[SDL] Greetings, and a question

Neil Bradley nb at synthcom.com
Thu Jul 11 13:25:00 PDT 2002

> > event through by chance?
> SDL_ACTIVEEVENT, but you should be checking blit returns, too.

Yes, as I understand they can get interleaved. Thanks!

> > to normal without doing an SQL_Quit()? I'd like to be able to spew out an
> > ASSERT() dialog box on a restored desktop to find out just what happened,
> > and to make it clean for my end users just in case this happens.
> SDL_Quit() shuts down SDL and returns the desktop to normal.  :)
> Why is that a problem? I don't understand.

Sorry for not being clear. I wanted to restore the desktop and put up a
Windows dialog box (ala MessageBox()) but SDL_Quit() exits the entire

> If you just want to kill the video subsystem, use SDL_QuitSubSystem().

I don't know why I didn't see this before - thank you!


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