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Jimmy jimmy at jimmysworld.org
Thu Jul 11 13:04:01 PDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 16:01, Neil Bradley wrote:
> Greetings fellow SDLians,
> I'm currently working on my arcade emulator, Retrocade (sorry, home page
> was hijacked by a search engine), and have a mostly completed SDL "port"
> of it. I'm pleased to say that things are working great! If it matters,
> I'm running under Windows and it'll eventually be ported to the MacOS and
> a few Linuxen, too.
> What I'm wondering about is a "clean" way for my app to realize that it is
> about ready to have focus taken away from it so it can go to sleep, and
> later wake up when focus has been restored? I'm aware of the method of
> checking the return code of the blit call, but that seems like throwing a
> rock through a window to see if a light comes on. Does the system pump an
> event through by chance?
Events are sent for the mouse & input focus and blur (seperately) as
well as for iconifying (which I can only assume translates directly to
minimize) and restore/maximize.

Check the event structure in the documentation 

> Also, is there a way to effectively "shut down" SDL and return the desktop
> to normal without doing an SQL_Quit()? I'd like to be able to spew out an
> ASSERT() dialog box on a restored desktop to find out just what happened,
> and to make it clean for my end users just in case this happens.
> Thanks!
> -->Neil
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End of Rant.

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