[SDL] I need input for an article on SDL

Chris Thielen chris at luethy.net
Wed Jul 10 17:55:01 PDT 2002

I'm _really_ sorry for this off-topic reply about OpenAL, but I'll keep
it brief.

OpenAL is an excellent API, even as it stands in the Creative Labs tree.
It was used to do a port of Freespace 2 to Linux, and I can tell no
difference between the audio in Linux/OpenAL and Windows/DirectSound3D.
It's also fun (and easy) to implement 3-D audio into your games with.
Anyway, keeping it brief.

-- chris (chris at luethy.net)

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 14:06, Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 01:39:28PM -0500, DrEvil wrote:
> > > I'm beginning to think John's gonna need to write a second edition at this
> > > rate.  Besides the half-dozen buglets in the book (bet John knows exactly
> > > where each of them is right now and has a d'oh for each), the book doesn't
> > > cover things like autoconf.  Additionally, OpenAL is basically DOA.  It's
> > > got positively no real force behind it anymore.
> > 
> > I don't agree with this at all. If you were following the OpenAL devel
> > list you'd see that some big name gaming houses having chosen to use it
> > for their games. For example, Epic is using OpenAL for Unreal Tournament
> > 2003 and they have obtained Dolby 5.1 certification from Dolby Labs. I'd
> > say that's quite an accomplishment when using a "DOA" 3D Audio
> > Library...
> And we'll see a Linux version of that when?
> OpenAL is a standard developed behind closed doors with little
> documentation and basically no serious interest in Linux at all.  Oh sure
> it runs there, but this only marginally significant given that there is no
> real support for any of the 3D sound features in Linux.
> And let's not even discuss the braindamaged extensions in the Linux
> reference implementation like incorporating mp3/vorbis libraries, courtesy
> of Loki.
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