[SDL] misc. errors

Atrix Wolfe Atrix2 at cox.net
Tue Jul 23 10:01:01 PDT 2002

well, i've got my looping of audio working with sdl_sound, so i think i'll
stick with it. however, i can only use a predecoded file to loop, there are
problems when using the sound_rewind function. it can't. i'm using the
mpg123 lib and not the smpeg. i've looked into the code and the function
uses the SDL_RWops->seek method to rewind the Sound_SampleInternal->rw
SDL_RWops structure, but doesn't. i remember reading somewhere that this can
be avoided by wrapping it in some sort of buffering SDL_RWops..... but i'm
not sure how to do this....can anyone help please .


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