[SDL] Alpha revisit

Loren Osborn linux_dr at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 9 16:04:00 PDT 2002

--- Joel Chen <jchen at interval.com> wrote:
> hmmm...., I guess it's pushing it to ask about
> combining surf and pixel
> alpha (ie. apply surf alpha, and then pixel alpha)
> then.  
> Basically I've got my hands tie here because I need
> to display a RGBA
> surface at 50% and I am trying to see if there's any
> hoops I can jump
> through with what current SDL has to achieve it.  I
> can't transfer it to RGB
> surf because I would lose the pixel alpha, which is
> important.
> OpenGL is out of the question.
> <sigh> so far, the only way I've came up with is to
> lock the surface and
> modify the alpha values myself and then reload my
> data after I am done.
I'm working on this, but I'm sure it won't be in CVS
at least until 1.3...


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