[SDL] Re: CMI8738 sound problem (OT)

corrado_job at virgilio.it corrado_job at virgilio.it
Tue Jul 9 00:20:01 PDT 2002

maybe that chipset is a little buggy...

I installed it on a winNT machine (pentium mmx on asus pc97 compliant motherboard)
and got a strange behaviour: any player will loose control of the mixer
peripheral at every song's end. That is I could only play a song, never
a playlist, becouse when first song ends, mixer is lost.

No driver updates got me better, that chip is no good.

Hope being helpful

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>> >Now if only I could get sound to work on my system ... (ASUS P4B266
>> >onboard CMI8378, in case anyone has a suggestion).
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>> >Gib
>> >--
>> First off, if the module cmpci isn't loaded, load it. Second, you may
>> to try and recompile the kernel with the cmpci support built in.
>> My suggestions.
>Thanks for the suggestions Mike, but the problem must be elsewhere.  The
>kernel has cmpci support built in, and loading the module doesn't help.

>Since the boot log doesn't say anything about the sound chip, it seems
>that it is not being detected.  The info from C-Media doesn't mention
>any interrupt or I/O port settings, implying that nothing needs to be
>done.  That would seem to suggest that it is PnP, but the PnP check in
>bootup doesn't find any PnP devices.  This could be because it searches
>for PnP cards.  I need to find someone who has a m/b with a CMI8738 on
>it, to see what shows up in the boot log.
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