[SDL] glmovie works!

Joseph Carter knghtbrd at bluecherry.net
Mon Jul 8 22:58:00 PDT 2002

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 01:12:22AM -0400, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> > I wish to protest in the name of the owners of the really old cards
> > without new drivers (in my case -- 3dfx Voodo3 with the best *3rd party*
> > drivers I could find)!!!
> > This doesn't work on my computer, and since 3dfx is gone and there
> > probably won't be new drivers. WHAT SHOULD I DO???
> Buy new hardware?
> /me runs.

Actually Ryan, there's not much else he can do.

The 3dfx cards are abandoned.  If the company goes under and there are no
new drivers, you cannot expect everyone else to perpetually support the
lame limitations and outright bugs of your hardware.

I just found on PriceWatch a GeForce2 MX200 (three times the card of that
Voodoo3) for US$33+S&H.  Now as graphics cards go, that's pretty cheap,
and the drivers are still being updated for it today.  Even on my crappy
income I can afford that!

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