[SDL] Native Cygwin Build

John Morrison john.r.morrison at ntlworld.com
Mon Jul 22 11:41:00 PDT 2002

> I wish to protest in the name of the owners of the really old cards
> without new drivers (in my case -- 3dfx Voodo3 with the best *3rd party*
> drivers I could find)!!!
> This doesn't work on my computer, and since 3dfx is gone and there
> probably won't be new drivers. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

Buy new hardware?

/me runs.

Uh...here are your options, ordered best to worst (most feasible to least?).

1) Look at the mplayer sources, which have alternate OpenGL code paths,
for cases like this, where a given means of display is broken on a given
driver...at least, someone mentioned this on the list awhile ago.

2) If you're using Linux, fix the tdfx (or whatnot) driver.

3) Take the DRI code, warts and all, and use it to create an open source
Windows driver.

4) Tell nvidia that you still own and enjoy a 3dfx video card, and as they
now own that property, you'd appreciate another official driver release,
or perhaps an open-sourcing of those drivers.

Also, someone take a look and see if we're simply using the GL call (was
it glTexSubImage2D? I can't remember) incorrectly...it might be that newer
drivers let us get away with a wrong assumption, but older ones do not and
are really exposing a bug in our code.


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