[SDL] SDL LGPL violations

James Turk jturk at conceptofzero.com
Mon Jul 22 10:06:00 PDT 2002

I wish to protest in the name of the owners of the really old cards 
without new drivers (in my case -- 3dfx Voodo3 with the best *3rd party* 
drivers I could find)!!!
This doesn't work on my computer, and since 3dfx is gone and there 
probably won't be new drivers. WHAT SHOULD I DO???


Dominique Louis wrote:

> Hi Gib,
>   Does this mean it has been a Driver problem all along? So are you 
> saying that the call back function now works with these new drivers 
> installed? As I do not have a 3D graphics card, does it mean that the 
> Software implementation of OpenGL under Windows ( have not tested 
> Software OpenGL under Linux yet ) does not support this typs of call 
> back?
> Thanks for any enlightenment.
> Dominique.
> Gib Bogle wrote:
>> I just downloaded the latest nVidia driver (2960) and the problem with
>> glTexSubImage2D has gone away. :-)))
>> Now if only I could get sound to work on my system ... (ASUS P4B266 with
>> onboard CMI8378, in case anyone has a suggestion).
>> Gib

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